Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marathon post!

If I could only run like I am about to type this bad boy up! I would be in serious shape! Although, I did run for 3 miles the other day *gasp*!!! I really despise running and would rather Zumba for 20 hours rather than run for 2 ;)

I'm super excited to share my first Family Friday Project but first.... My OTHER EXCITING news!!! WHOOT!!! I was chosen to be an educator for Helmar!!!! It's not going to be much of a transition since I was on the DT and already doing UStream videos always highlighting Helmar Adhesives - lol!!! Yet, it is still thrilling for moi to have such a title :)

I had a project picked up for publication too!!! What a week it's been!

K, here it is!!! My Family Friday Project! My kids were so excited about this! I did most of the embellishing, but they painted ALL the ghosts.... even my little Squooshy! She did such a great job!

Unfortunately, Cullen was gone, but I had to get this started pronto! He did help out along the way though :)

Here is my banner.... unfortunately (AGAIN!!!), my hubby's schedule did not allow for time to get him to get the nails in the wall for me to hang this yet. But my girls were more than happy to help out ;) They were over at the neighbors and did a little face painting, can you tell??
And here are all the the ghosts AND Caytlynn's Goth Girl (she HAD to! It's hanging from the Y ghost):

I used Helmar's 450 Quick Dry because I want my glue to dry fast! There's nothing worse that gluing something down and then having to wait for it to dry in order to continue working on it!! I used Helmar's Zapdots to pop the letters up. Did you notice the bling bling on the orange part of the letters????? yes, last, but certainly NOT least... I used Helmar's V2 Vellum Adhesive to adhere the letter's together and add that bit of sparkle on the shadow. You can check it out here at the Helmar blog. I have the 450 Quick Dry, Zapdots AND V2  in stock ready to ship :)

Tonight was our first sleepover! Our neighbor, Alayna, slept over. I made no-bake cookies.... tastes pretty similar to cooke dough, but w/o the eggs, so no one will get sick.... that is unless you eat TOO MUCH! So, like I mentioned...NO-BAKE cookies.... you with me? k... Alayna said "those were so good! I love your cooking!" LOL!!! Regardless, I took the compliment and Corey says "you probably won't ever hear that again". I'll show him tomorrow when he doesn't get to eat my DE-LISH enchiladas!! tee hee hee :)

Finally... Wow, OH, wow!! I am super duper excited about the Pretty Little Things KIT!!!!

And the Pretty Little Things Add-On Kit - this is INSAINE!!!

The Add-On Kit is ONLY $28.50!! Now, if you purchase it with the Pretty Little Things Kit you will receive 10% off. Now... if you are a kit member... wait for it..... you will receive 30% off!! WOW!!! Anyone that is interested in becoming a member... it is free! All you need to do is commit to buying a full year's worth of kits! You get perks and 10% off of kits and orders! Contact me for more details:

Love you all and I will catch you on the flip side my schnizzles - MUAH! haha

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exciting News...

First off... I tried out for a Family Friday Design Team (binkie is on side bar) because I thought it would be FUN, FUN, FUN!!! And I made it!!! My first project will be up here, on my blog this Friday!! WHOOT!! A special thank you to Jenny for choosing me :) :) :) Not only am I excited, but my kids are too!! I told them that I made the Design Team, but they will be helping me with my projects, so "WE" all made the design team ;) Yep, they are happier than pigs in mud!

FYI! In case you did not know... Build-a Bear clothes fit the average size cat - LOLOLOL!!! I did NOT know this information until Sunday until Smokey was weaing a dress.

More exciting news coming, but I can't share just yet! And no, I am not preggers!!! Stay tuned!!

You can check out the techniques I used on my clock (below) here at UStream. It is called Techniques Class and there are 3 parts because UStream kept on freezing on me :( I will be finishing up the project tonight here on UStream.... fingers crossed that I will not freeze! Plus I will be making a spooky layout :)

That's it for today! I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the Helmar Halloween Howler Hop!!!

MUAHAHAHAHH! Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! BOO! I hope I didn't scare you too much! K, Ok, ok, even though I did a fall themed project doesn't mean that I can't get into the Halloween spirit!! This might scare you too... but I assure you that all these adhesives are harmless... I used ALL of these to create my project. I used a combination of Helmar's Craft Glue, 450 Quick Dry, Crackle Step 1 and 2, Liquid Scrap Dots and Craft and Hobby PVA Glue to put this entire project together. There are SO many things that I did with this clock that I can't even begin to share them all with you right now! I am going to tell you what I did using the Helmar Adhesives here, but you will have to tune into UStream here tonight at 8:30PM CST to see all the other really cool techniques I used while creating this clock.... there are A LOT! Make sure you are a follower of my blog and tune in tonight... I will be giving away Helmar Zapdots along with some bling bling! You can let me know you will be there here!

I love Halloween and everything about Halloween even creating Halloween projects, BUT... I really wanted and needed to make this fall project! My hubby re-did our bathroom 11 months ago and I STILL do not have anything hanging in it! So, I bought this clock at a rummage last summer for only 2 bucks and decided it needed to be in that bathroom! I had the perfect place for it... just not the perfect look as of yet ;)
And here is my finished project:
From start to finish...Ok, you saw the "raw" clock. I sanded it down... more and less in certain areas than others because I wanted the distressed look. Then I started to distress it a bit more with some StazOn... then, I water mark stamped it so I could gold heat emboss and heat set certain areas which you can see plus a few flowers and the title.

I wanted the title on before I put the crackle on so the title would be "sealed". Look at the picture above and that is the picture that I took before I put the crackle on..... I put a generous amount of step 1 all over, even on the title but not on the flowers. I waited 20 minutes just to be sure it was dry. Then I generously applied the Step 2. THEN...  I waited 20ish minutes and put the second step on AGAIN, but only in a few select places to give it a distressed look. It has a very fine, almost bubbly effect...  it looks so awesome! Make sure you click on the picture (below) to see a close up. The 2nd coat of step 2 was used on the bottom left and on the bottom left of the butterfly:

I used the Craft and Hobby PVA glue, I used it to "seal" my paper flowers! I made a mix of the Craft and Hobby PVA glue, water, acrylic paint and Glimmer Mist. I "dipped" the larger flowers in it twice making sure they dry completely before I do the second dip. It colored and sealed my flowers so I don't have to worry about them wilting ;) Check out my UStream class tonight to see all the awesome tehniques I used!
Here a few more close ups:

Happy Halloween!! I have all Helmar products 10% off at all times here including the Craft Glue, 450 Quick Dry, Crackle Step 1 and 2 and Liquid Scrap Dots!

Photo Hop

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two More FREE Scrapbooking Classes!!

Helmar is going to have a Helmar Halloween Howler Hop if you haven't heard the past 3-4 times I mentioned - lol! I have so many tips and techniques that I used while creating the clock that I am going to do a UStream class to SHOW you all what I did! So, the techniques class will be on Sunday, October 17th. You can see a sneak peek in the post below.

In the second class I will be creating a Halloween "Spooky" LO using the October Add-On Kit:

I have a little givaway at every show so make sure you are logged in... I have some Helmar Zapdots and bling bling to giveaway for the next few weeks!
I was looking through some pictures and found this.... Cali loves the tea party set and had a little party all to herself while Cullen was playing with Braeden and Cassidy was watching!
Make it a great day!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Times and Sneak Peek!

Here's a peek at my Helmar project for the Helmar Halloween Howler Hop on the 17th! Yummy, hey? I can't wait to show you the rest of it!
We had a few playdates this weekend... it started out with Braeden on Friday.... These boys played logos for an hour!!

Saturday Gina and I team taught Zumba at Preferred Fitness. We had a blast! The kids love going there since it doesn't happen often ;)

Then today Elaina came over for a bit... just snapped this one before she had to go.
And Hannah was here too... in this picture, there is actually FIVE kids in the Jeep... you can't see Cali, but she's in there, in the middle!


Have an excellent week!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Want to Win A Gypsy???

I do!! I am in desperate need of a Gypsy and will do almost anything for one ;) I said ALMOST anything - lol! Mixology Crafts Blog is giving one away to one lucky winner... I hope it's me... and if not, I hope its you ;) Check it out here!
Delicious-ness arrived at my doorstep yesterday! Helmar's 450 Quick Dry Adhesive in TWO sizes!!! As always, all Helmar products are 10% off at Scrap-Tastic!

If you missed yesterday's show, you can watch it here. I still have to finish up journaling before take pictures.

Here are some LOs of older classes. This first one, Life, I used the Fly Away Kit and Helmar Adhesives from and you can watch the video here.
Here's a close up of the flower, didn't it turn out awesome??? Look at all that shimmer!!!!!!!!!
And "Beauty"... I used the Fly Away Kit and Helmar Adhesives from
And you can see the video here :)
Two things... make sure you "like" Helmar on fb, cause I know you do ;) and "like" Scrap-Tastic on fb too to get all the updates on UStream classes and more!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Free Scrapbooking Class Tonight!

Almost forgot... I will be doing another free class tonight on UStream... hope to see you there :)

I will be creating a LO using the Blushing Sunset Kit and Helmar Adhesives from

Click here to view and purchase the Blushing Sunset Kit.

Becky :)

The Clock

I can let you in on a little secret.... here's the clock I will be using in Helmar's Haloween Howler Hop! Isn't it fabulous? I have had this clock for over a year. I think I paid 2 bucks for it at a rummage last summer. I even brought it to a few crops, but nothing ever came to mind. I now have a fabulous idea! I just hope it works out as well on the clock as it is in my head - LOL!!!

Oh, yeah, did you take a close look at my girl's bangs??? No, I did not cut them. Grandma did because she had to... Caytlynn was creating a crown on her forehead with her GUM!!!!! Did you hear that? with her GUM! Oh boy!

Happy Wednesday!!


Saturday, October 02, 2010

"BOO" Bucket and Much More....

This is a long one and photo heavy!!! Hang onto your gotch-gaas peeps!!!
In my last on-line class I made this :) If you missed it or you would like to watch it again, you can watch it here.
I used Scrap-Tastic's October Add-On to create it and have plenty of leftovers! You can click on the image to purchase. If you purchase the Blushing Sunset Kit and this October Add-On, you will get 10% off this Add-On kit!!
And here it is.... Blushing Sunset!!! How sweet it is :)
Last weekend I had Cali Bear aka Smooshie all to myself! It was so refreshing to spend quality one on one time with her :)

Today I was watching our neighbor girl for a few hours... she's my oldest daughter's age so it's more of a paydate! THey played with play-doh for 2 HOURS!!!

Here's Caytlynn being goofy!
I'm always ecstatic when I get that perfect shot and I snapped one of Cass today :) :) :) I think the B&W is my least fav, but I can't decided if I like the true color or vintage better... guess it depends on what colors I will be working with... maybe I will scrap her using the Blushing Sunset Kit???? hmmmm.... this might be next Wednesday's class ;)
I let my older girls pick out a girl from the Rock Princess Cartridge to create and we created them! They really do think the Cricut is the bomb diggity, as it is!

Well, that's it for today... I really need to keep up on my blog so I don't have SO much to cram in one post - LOL!!!
OH! Don't forget to mark your calendars for October 17th! Helmar is going to have a Helmar Halloween Howler Hop (OMGosh, say that 10 times fast - lol) and prizes will be given out - you don't want to miss that. Oh and I will be one of the participants(YEA!), so you REALLY don't want to miss *winks* I have a FABULOUS idea! Also check out the Helmar blog for amazing projects and inspiration!!!
Don't forget that every Wednesday I have FREE on-line classes on UStream. Make sure you either friend me, Becky Teichmiller, for an invite or "like" Scrap-Tastic for a reminder.

Thanks for stopping by.... MUAH!
Becky :)