Saturday, November 11, 2006

i forgot...

i even had a blog! i've been so super CRAZY around here! I'm Finally working again :) :) :) and hoping to get rid of my baby fat that's been adding up little by little after every kiddo ;) I'm just starting with 1 class and next month i should have 3 classes a week. I do have to admit that i am so out of shpae it's riduclious and the class i started to teach is a full hour of punching and kicking the bag... what did i get myself into???? Well, each class i take or teach, it gets a little easier.

I've been a scrappin' fool, trying to scrap for me and 2 other people as much as possible!!!

PLUS, i've been keeping busy with my website. I just got a TON of product in yesterday and lots more expected to come in really soon :)

Here's a few of my LOs that i haven't posted here yet, some are from a while back! the first one is for Fiber Scraps DT. the last two were accepted into cherryArte's gallery *big grin* I also included a different view of one of them so you can see the pop ups on the LO! enjoy!!!