Sunday, August 26, 2007

dazed and confused!

Well, sorta! I've been so tired lately, my head is spinning! It doesn't help that Caytlynn wakes me up at 5am almost every morning for something! I just can't go back to sleep right away either - GRRRRR!

BTW, I'm PINK!!! Yeppers, it's a girl! I just noticed that I haven't updated my blog since I found out. There's no name that we can agree on yet, she may not have a name right away *shock*!!

CHA was fabulous!!! That's a whole nother entry! Products have been invading the house and I love it! Now, I just need more time to scrap!
Urban Lily will be taking over my house, litterally!!!! The stamps are here and most of the other products will be here this week. We're talking over 200 boxes of just paper!!! Wowie! I was lucky enough to score some paper from Renata at CHA and here's a LO I did with it :)

Robyn's kit, "Urban Passion" is phenomenal! I love it!! Here it is and a LO I did with it :)

Here is the September kit "French Kiss" designed by Kelly! Another awesome kit! I started a mini book with this one and will post later.