Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tomorrow's the day!

We find out if I'm blue or pink! So, them we know if we can use Cain for the new baby OR fight over a girl's name! I know it's totally out there, but I love the name Cain Blaze. How cool would that kid be? Just as cool as Cullen Cole, I would imagine ;) lol

Now, I'm 22 weeks along! If the Dr. gave me an exact time, I would count down the seconds! I'm trying so hard to be patient, but the weather is getting warmer and I'm getting bigger *shock* I'll see how much bigger tomorrow :) Today it was 90 some degrees - yuck! I left in the morning to workout and stayed in the air conditioning for the rest of the day!

If you didn't notice, I added a header to my blog AND changed my title. Maybe I will blog more often now that i am happier with it? I guess we'll see!

Ok, here is the mess that I mentioned in my last post. This first picture is "the disaster" and the next picture is what it should look like. Not many people know, actually, I don't think anyone knows this... I am so anal about my kids clothes and closet! I have a
hard time keeping up with the dishes and keeping the house clean... heck, I am so disorganized that it is riduculous!!!!! BUT, there are a few things that I am completely anal about... first is my business, which I really HAVE to be organized about... and clothes for the kids. The clothes have to be stain and wrinkle free for my kids to wear them. I may keep a few old tattered and stained items for painting and playing, but for the most part, I always have to have them looking good. Most of the time they are dressed better than me! Oh, who am I kiding... they always look better than me!!! So, I hang 95% of their clothes and it's all organized by warmer stuff (just a few warm outfits for cold summer nights), dress up clothes, pants, shirts, outfits and good dresses. So now you know why I was so upset about this closet ordeal... still kinda sour about it!

My Great Aunt Catherine passed away today. She was always a little pistol! So, if you can imagine, someone close always dies when I'm pregnant. I didn't want to say it to anyone, but I knew it would happen. Hope there's not 2 funerals with this one!

On a much different note, Scrap-Tastic started selling kits!!! The DT Girlies are the designers and these kits are hot! This first kit was designed by Barb I can't stop playing with this first kit! Here are 2 LOs that I've made with it so far. There's a LO in the previous post too. I have included a larger image here and if you are interested in the kit you can purchase the kit here. That'll also give you a complete list of items you will receive. There's an add-on to the kit here. good stuff.

becbeck out.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm about to pull my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2 girlies have managed to make me cry first thing this morning. Let's start from the begining... I was so happy to sleep in! I actually woke up to my alarm clock - *shock*! Went to the girls bedroom and found over half of their clothes were in piles out of their closets! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was going to be folding the girls clothes day. since it's so time consuming I spend a GOOD portion of the day organizing and hanging clothes. Well, now I am not motivated to do any laundry. none. zip. zilch! and everytime i think about it I feel ill and my heart starts going a little faster. what to do? i dunno! I don't even know what to do with them, they have been so naughty lately. grrrr. definately a sb page in the works, but i'd rather work on something else. Thanks for letting me vent :) :) :)
So, I decided to submit to pencil lines for their DT call and this is what I sent. since I have so much extra time on my hands ;) haha!!! Check out their blog, it rocks!

Nothing too exciting going on here. I've been subbing alot at the gym. I taught and took 7 classes this week. I'm really trying to hit it hard and stay in some type of shape while I'm preggo. my belly is getting big but my legs are toning up and i feel good! 11 more days and I will find out what we are having - yea!!!!! also, I hit the halfway mark on Monday! 20 weeks to go :) I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

becbeck out!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Catylynn's recital went off w/o a hitch...

uh, almost! At least I didn't forget anything! Uncle Terry, Aunt Jenny and Jess didn't make it in time - bummer! They missed her dance by about 5 minutes, stupid Sunday drivers! GRRRR! On a brighter note :) here are a few pics of my darling and my darling copy cat (Cass was imitating Caytlynn in most of the zillion pics I took!).
And the LO that got me booted from the designing like a star contest - boo hoo.