Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'm about to pull my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2 girlies have managed to make me cry first thing this morning. Let's start from the begining... I was so happy to sleep in! I actually woke up to my alarm clock - *shock*! Went to the girls bedroom and found over half of their clothes were in piles out of their closets! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was going to be folding the girls clothes day. since it's so time consuming I spend a GOOD portion of the day organizing and hanging clothes. Well, now I am not motivated to do any laundry. none. zip. zilch! and everytime i think about it I feel ill and my heart starts going a little faster. what to do? i dunno! I don't even know what to do with them, they have been so naughty lately. grrrr. definately a sb page in the works, but i'd rather work on something else. Thanks for letting me vent :) :) :)
So, I decided to submit to pencil lines for their DT call and this is what I sent. since I have so much extra time on my hands ;) haha!!! Check out their blog, it rocks!

Nothing too exciting going on here. I've been subbing alot at the gym. I taught and took 7 classes this week. I'm really trying to hit it hard and stay in some type of shape while I'm preggo. my belly is getting big but my legs are toning up and i feel good! 11 more days and I will find out what we are having - yea!!!!! also, I hit the halfway mark on Monday! 20 weeks to go :) I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

becbeck out!

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