Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm Scrappy!

Amazingly, I have been scrapping!! Here are a few of my favorite LOs from using the Fun & Festive Kit that I designed. If you are a scrapper, the extravaganza kit is a must have! I had so much fun creating the kit AND scrapping with it! Actually, after this post, I'll be off to do another using the kit! Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, we did! Oops, this first one isn't made with the kit, just a few parts of the kit were used.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh My WOW!

Finally, a victory! Well, second place... but it's just the same to me! My LO below came in 2nd in the Prima Paintables Contest!

Friday, November 16, 2007

What's a girl to do?

I just got an e-mail from someone telling me some very exciting news! I can't tell anyone, yet. What do I do? I guess you all have to wait until tomorrow afternoon! Then I can spill. Do you think I am actually going to be able to sleep tonight? Nope. What's a girl to do? maybe a beer will help! Maybe posting some LOs will help... I used the Flavorful kit to make these. I really loved working with this kit. all the colors are beautiful!!!!

ok, I'm still pretty anxious to spill, but I will just go instead!

becbeck out.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who has time to breathe??

I certainly don't! I feel as though I don't even sit anymore unless it's to feed the baby! I do have to say that I love my little baby girl! We, meaning the 3 older kids and I, gave Cali a bath today! Caytlynn was the photographer, Cass was the big helper and Cullen was the biggest helper (in not letting me do my job - lol!) it all boiled down to a great time and fun for all the kiddos. I wanted to get a pic of all of their feet, but it just ended up being a laugh fest with all the kiddos stomping their feet on the floor:

And here is my baby girl, she is perfect! Look at that hair, what a DIVA! Most people pay big bucks for fabulous hair like that and here she is, only 9 days old and she doesn't even TRY to have good hair, it's just naturally perfect! She is so model-esque in this photo, I love it! This photo is much better than some of those ANTM pictures. I'm telling you all right now, she is going to grow up and be a model with fabulous hair! And did you check out those legs in the last photo??? That really just seals the deal!

I'm so excited about this!!!!! I have 2 LOs in here. I try to forget about publications until I actually GET the publication, but I happened to see this on-line and hyped myself up about it and can't wait to get it!!!

That's it for now! All I need to remember is to just breathe!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cali is here!

Yea! I am so blessed to have a healthy AND beautiful 4th child! Seriously, I could not ask for anything more! She is the tiniest of the bunch weighing in at 8 pounds 2 oz. You can visit her web page here - and leave a message if you wish. I will be including all the messages in a scrapbook page, go figure ;) Here are a few of my fav pics from the BIG event!