Friday, March 31, 2006

3 Bugs Revealed!

I didn't have to keep these a secret, but I did. They're not the absolute best I've done, but I really like them.

I also entered the 20k contest. Since I concentrated so much on the 3bugs stuff, I just threw these together this week. I just wish I had more time! Here they are:
You're Beautiful
Sweet Soul
Could you be any cuter...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Random challenge

Random challenge of the day, thanks to Michelle!
Do you want to convert your real life non-scrapper friend into scrapbookers? Every single one!
Do you find friends that scrapbooks? If so, how? On-Line :)
Do you show your pages to someone who doesn't scrapbook? Mostly family and occassionally some friends.
Do you think you avoid topic about scrapbooking because your non-scrapper friend just don't get it? Well, it's usually not the topic of discssion!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

I got to play!

I finally had a chance to play with the new Fiber Scraps stuff! Here's the LO.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Notebook

Finally saw this today. Great movie! DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE PREGGERS!!!!! I was balling through the entire movie. First of all, I watched it early this morning and my eyes have had that "sleepy" feeling all day now. I've even watched a bunch of sit coms and had a cappachino and nothing is working!! I have a feeling it's going to be an early night tonight!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

4 years ago today...

my hubby and I were married!! We have survived 4 years w/o killing each other - lol!! So, I'm posting my favorite wedding LO. It's Elsie inspired and it's my fav wedding picture as well!!
And for Friday's challenge, thanks to BonnieRose...

List your personal mottos or inspired words you choose to live your life by.

I absolutely love this saying and try to live by it as much as possible...

"Be the most energetic and enthuastic person you know"

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Top Secret :)

ha ha!!! I've been working on my 3 bugs stuff for their DT. As much as I want to show everyone, you're just going to have to wait!

Almost done entering inventory :) :) :) Can't wait until that's over, then I reward myself with placing an order with Bazzill and Sassafrass :D YUMMY!!!

Caytlynn is finally potty trained!! It happened just a few days before she turned 3.5! Boy, was that a struggle! I've been trying ever since she was 2!!! Anyway, I took her to Wal-Mart to get some "underwares", that what she calls them. Well, $87 later, I was leaving with "underwares", play-doh, ballet outfits and most importantly, my stuff to make cappachinos!!! Anyway, I'm just so proud of her that I have a hard time saying no - lol. Cassidy is going on the potty lately, at least once a day! And she's only 22 months!

6 weeks and 3 days to go for baby #3. I had a dream that I gave birth. I woke up very dissapointed!!! Didn't help that I was woken up at 6am either!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Disney LO

Another for my mom for her b-day. I love the way this one turned out! I used a bottle cap for the Mickey head and a marker cap for the ears.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Scrap Stuff

Here's another version of a LO I posted a couple days ago. This one's for my mom for her b-day! I like this one better because it's balanced out more.

This is the mini paper bag book I did for my g-ma. Poor g-ma, I didn't finish this in time for her party, so she only saw the first 5 pages. (remember I was out until 1:30 the night before!) So, I didn't finish. She was ecstatic about the pages I did finish though! She just kept on laughing and looking at the pictures. She even said "I'm sorry, I'm not even paying attention to the actual scrapbooking, I'm too busy looking at the pictures". I know that she does that and that's why I didn't use a lot of embellishments!! But, that's why we scrapbook anyway, so people can look at our pictures, not look at the sbing!! Anyway, I still have to finish the back cover, actually, my daughter has to. I'm going to have her trace "We Love You" and I'll have Cassidy put her mark on it too!

We are having a terrible storm and I know that when you live out in the country, you lose your power more often! So, I was frantically looking for matches just knowing that we would lose power any minute. I found them in time only to have the power go out about 2 or 3 minutes after I lit my candles! That was close!! Oh, this storm is so bad it got my heart pounding! That doesn't usually happen to me!

Challenge & 10.5 hrs Sleep!!

Here's the blog challenge, about blogging!!!! Thanks to BonnieRose :)
1. What time of year do you blog the most? Well, I just started blogging a couple months ago, so, it's hard to tell.
2. What time of year do you seem to blog the least? same as #1
3. What time of DAY do you do your most blogging? varies all the time! Lately, it's mostly at night.
4. When blog-hopping, do you tend to look at your blogroll list (or fave blogs) to see which ones have been updated, or do you visit your faves on a regular basis regardless? I usually visit my favs at least once a week, sometimes once a day depending on who's it is. Michelle updates everyday, so I always go there!!!
5. Do you change your blogroll often? Sometimes it seems like I change my blogroll more than I blog ;)
6. How many times a day, after writing a new post, do you check for new comments? I have the comments e-mailed to me, so I don't have to check :)
7. Do you leave comments on others' blogs, or are you more of a lurker? Most times I leave comments. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say or I'm in a hurry!!

I had 10.5 hours of sleep last night and now I'm rarin' to go!! Still have to take pics of all my scrapping!! Maybe I'll update later, gotta go scrap - ta ta!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Challenge and a little of everything else!!

What is something that you do, or say, that when you are done you realize that you are just like your mother?

I love this one!! It seems like everything I say to my daughters when I'm mad sounds just like what my mom use to say to me. Some key words - March over here right now, Young Lady, UGH - I can't think of anymore, but there's plenty!!

So, last night I went out with my mom. Went to Potowatomi(a casino) and had a BLAST!!! My mom is a platinum member and gets a lot of freebies which I benefit from :) :) :)!!! We ate at their 5 star resturaunt - YUM!!! I had exotic Mushrooms, a trilogy of gourmet soups and a fish fry. Now, this is no ordinary fish fry. Here we are talking lobster, crab, shrimp and cod!!! I can't even describe how good it was! Anyway, I ended up gambling until after midnight, knowing that it's my turn to get up with the kids! I got 5 hours of sleep - EEEK! Today, we celebrated dh, mom and g-ma's b-days at my house. So, I had to clean, ewww, this morning. The party was great!! Corey and I watched "Walk the Line" and it was really good, I highly recommend it! The kids fell asleep by 7:30, which is very unusual. I'm so stinkin tired right now, but I'm forcing myself to stay up a little longer since it's MY morning to sleep in - YEA!!

Off to read some blogs and maybe scrap a bit! BTW, I've been super busy scrappin for my mom and g-ma, so I'll have lots to share as soon as I have a chance to take some pics!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Friday Challenge

1. List the people from your past who you would like to reconnect with through Email.( if only you could find them...) There are a few people that I'd like to find out what they are up to and that's mainly ex-boyfriends - Lucian, Brian, Dan. I don't really need to reconnect, but just say "hey!". If only they had a TV show "Where are they now" for my ex-boyfriends!! Ha! That would be quite a show to watch!!
2. List the companies you wish you owned. Archivers, but bigger and better!!!
3. List the things you do to defy aging. Yoga and Pentaxyl(botox in a bottle)
4. List what you do to snap out of a bad mood. This is easy - Scrap or just look at pictures!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Florida LO

Gotta love those HS tapes!

Tuesday Challenge

Tuesday Challenge - thanks to BonnieRose!!!

1. I almost peed myself about 10 times while watching a movie tonight!!! This little boy in my tummy is sitting on my bladder and often uses it as a punching bag! I knew my hubby was getting irritated, so when my dd said that she had to go potty, I volunteered(gladly) and snuck in a little potty time myself!!!
2. Country music = twang.
3. The smell of leather reminds me of my ex-fiance, he rode a harley and I had multiple leater jackets.
4. When I was little my mom told me never to be naughty because she always found out when I was, or so she thought!!
5. The last time I screamed was because... it must have been because one or both of my kiddos wasn't behaving, most likely Caytlynn.
6. The one person I aspire to be most like is... Well, in the scrapbooking world, Elsie! In normal life, me :)
7. I have a cappachino, scrap and pee every day.
8. I scrapbook because I love it!!! It's almost like a natural high when I complete a LO that I love! Plus, I want my children to have my scrapbooks when I die and remember all the wonderful times we had.
9. People drive me crazy when they drive too slow and are in the fast lane, uh, HELLO - didn't they get the memo??
10. A special gift I remember receiving, that meant the world to me, was my first scrapbook bought by my hubby back when he was barely my boyfriend(that's another story!!!).

Monday, March 06, 2006

A page a day!

That is what I've been trying REALLY hard to do! Now that I'm contest free I don't have to do a spectacular LO every week and put a TON of thought into it!! So, here's tonight's. I'm really tired, so wanted to keep it simple! Oh, I know it's not straight and I couldn't get the darn thing to focus very well!! Also, I never thought I'd be putting glitter on my pages but, I can't get enough of the stickles!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another LO!

I wish I did this one slightly different, although I really like it and I've been wanting to scrap this for a long time! I wish I put the stars starting by her pic and then spreading out to the bottom left corner. Oh well!
This photo shoot was hilarious!!!! Cassidy could barely sit up by herself, knowing that and knowing that she was required to, I didn't think she would. Well, she did!! Her left arm propped her up the entire shoot!! Her arm didn't move for about 15 minutes! We were cracking jokes and laughing the entire time!

Friday, March 03, 2006


Scrappy Chick Magazine requested a card from me today :) :) :) I haven't been published in this Mag. yet, but very excited!! It was a V-day card I made for my hubby. I showed it to him and then I planned on selling it since I know he'd rather get a couple bucks than keep the card ;)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The 2006 Scrap-Tastic DT Members are...

Congratulations to the 2006 Design Team:
Kelly Birrell
Michelle Wood
Nicole M. Hansen
Rachel Cohara
Robyn Weatherspoon

This was an extremely hard decision since all of the entries were outstanding and I fell in love with all of you by reading your applications! I know how much time and effort was put into these because I have tried out for many DTs myself. I really appreciate the effort by all put into each and every entry!

I would also like to extend a congrats to guest DT members to:
Rachel Hosking - May
Michelle Miller - June
Karen Pedwell - July

I will be contacting everyone later this week with details :)