Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vanilla Frosting, A Gotta-Have!

I would like to run away for a weekend and play more with this kit! I love it! Here's what I have done so far...
My 2 little girls when they actually were little! THey are now 5 and 7! Everything on this LO was in the kit with the exception of the BG (blue) paper that is a perk paper. If you're a kit member you will get 45% off all the BG holiday papers!
Same kit used here! You can see this kit is very versatile! The buttons are from the Vanilla Frosting Button Add-On kit. These buttons are awesome!!!! This is my little guy, pics taken almost a year ago.
Well, it's a chilly ONE degree here in Mukwonago today! Hope it warms up for the weekend.
Don't forget to check out the Urban Swank Blog for your chance to win Urban Lily Papers!!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Dark Side!

Yes, I went over to the dark side! I love my hair dark :)

Check out the really cool techniques I used with Helmar's Textured Effects and MyStampBox Stamp on the Helmar Blog!
Do I dare try and fight the crowds to get a Santa photo with the kiddos? I am going to meet my mom tomorrow morning at the mall, wish me luck!
More fun stuff coming soon! Don't forget to check out the Urban Swank blog for the awesome giveaway of 50 Urban Lily Papers!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I Love Vanilla Frosting!

Yum, yum, yum! Just you wait and see what I have created with this kit! No, really, you will have to wait, I'll be posting later.... but for now, here it is, the Vanilla Frosting Kit, in all it's gorgeous-es-ness *wink*
And the Vanilla Frosting Button Add-On Kit, these are just TOO cool! I love that variety of buttons!

Be back later with LOs for you!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Want Paper?

I am giving away Urban Lily papers!!! 50 to be exact! Check it out here at Urban Swank's Blog!

And here's a peek at my first "official" Urban Swank LO! Wah HOO! Stay tuned for more ;)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


The new kit is SO flirtatious! I went a little overboard on this one - oops! Loaded with tons of goodies.... beautiful flowers, gorgeous papers, Secret Keeper Cards, Stickles and Hambly rub-ons!!! And there's only 2 left! Click on the image to order it :)
Close up of all the embellishments! YUM!!! Here is one of my LOs I did last month for Helmar. Tons of different techniques on here.... check out my Tips & Tricks Tuedsay post to see all I have done.

And my favorite part of the LO.... spooooooky!

Another Flirtatious Kit/Helmar LO using the My Stamp Box stamps - SO FREAKING COOL!!! Their packaging/storage for the stamps is so cool! The stamps come with a CD case to hold the stamps. Here, I stamped the "SHE says". BTW, My Stamp Box is having a giveaway - check it out here. If I don't win the stamps, I hope you do ;)

And another Flirtatious Kit/Helmar LO using the My Stamp Box stamps: The girl icon and "SHE" is from MSB, check out the closeup below :)

I hope you have enjoyed! Scrap ON!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knock Knock....

Who's there?

The UPS guy

I'm not expecting anything. What is it?

I came to drop off this box of FREE Basic Grey Papers!!!!! One of each of their newly released papers, just in time for your crop this weekend!

If he wasn't gone by the time I realized what was in the package, I would have hugged him!

I was suppose to kit January's kits up starting a half hour ago, better get crack-a-lackin!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mom Of The Year!

That's me, mom of the year.... I sent my 2 oldest off to school this morning. The school called 5 minutes before school started. This can not be good, I panicked! For sure one of them is sick and I had to teach Sculpt in an hour - no time to find a sub - oh no!!!! A million things were going through my head. Here's is what I heard on the other line "Hi there, we have Cassidy here in the office, there's no kindergarten class today" EEEK!!!!! Thank God no one was sick! So, I looked and sure enough "No kindergarten" was marked on the calendar for today! I really should read that first thing in the morning. Cass didn't mind though, she got to do puzzles. I had to ask to see if I was the only one and yep! The only one! They did say that they expected more - lol! I wonder if they have bets going on how many parents forget??? So, I award me for mom of the year today.... wait, is there something the opposite of that?

Here's my little pip squeek on her first day of school :)

I have 2 Design Team calls out right now! One for that ends in a week. Better hurry on that one if you are interested! Details here :)

And the other is for my newest venture - Urban Swank! Urban Swank distributes Urban Lily products. So if you like Urban Lily products, get your submission in :) Details on the Urban Swank Blog. AND the chance to be featured on the blog - details here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a typical Tuesday!

I was woken 20 minutes TOO early by Cassidy yelling for me for who knows what - grrr. Today was off to a great start ;)

Did Zumba in the AM and even walked on the treadmil for a few minutes, went to the consignment shop to drop off clothes, P.O. to drop off packages, FedEx dropoff - more packages, and back to the consignment shop, left with one cranky boy that cried for 45 minutes! Yes, 45 minutes! I was looking at halloween outfits for him when I saw him throw his sister to the ground. She was trying to sit on a chair and he didn't think that she was suppose to. So, I said, very nicely "Cullen, you need to let mommy handle baby"and he punched me twice. I told him that the coustume would not be bought today and he threw a fit! Meanwhile I was getting skipped by a lady that was complaining she was there too long and had to leave - really??? I was there before her and I have a screaming child and she skips me! Come on! I could have totally lost it since I was skipped by another lady before that. I kept it together even though it was a disaster. Then this lady was complaining because she had to come back since the owner doesn't put the items into the system immediately! really, COME ON! On with my day... onto Caytlynn's school for lunch (parent lunch week), drop Cullen at peeschool(that's what he calls it) and home for Cali to nap. I worked and took a cat nap - yea!!! pick Cullen up from peeschool, prepare dinner as much as possible so I can come home later to actually make it. Caytlynn and Cass get home, drive Caytlynn to 1st communion class, workout(again), pick Caytlynn up, make dinner, watch a bit of Die Hard and send the kiddos to bed - whew, what a day - lol!

Onto scrappy goodness :) :) :) The newest kit is in the store - Not Too Halloweenie - hehe.

Click on the image and scroll down to see all the fabulous LOs and cards created by the Design Team Girlies!

Last, but not least, here is my Cali bear!! Totally looking like she came straight from the 80s!!!
Scrap On!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Kit, More LOs and ZUMBA!!

The newest kit is up in the store - Summer Heat! And it is hot, hot, HOT!!!! I loved creating with this kit because the colors are phenomenal!!! If you are not a Kit Member, I highly suggest checking into becoming one this month! For Kit Members Only: the add-on is 50% off, ALL Hambly is 30% off and 10% off anything else in the store besides workshops!!! Best of all, the membership is FREE!!! Contact me for more info - :D Check out the kits here. LOTs of kits on clearance here :)

Alpha add-ons - 30% off with purchase of the Summer Heat Kit. Additional 10% off for Kit members!!!The Summer Heat Add-On that coordinates perfectly with the Summer Heat Kit!!!!

The Mother's Day present for my g-g-ma :)

Using the Summer Heat Kit - my first day of Kindergarden

A class I will be teaching soon using the Hello Sunshine Kit
Another one created using the Hello Sunshine Kit
More to come soon :)
For those of you that didn't know, I became a Zumba Certified Teacher back in May :) There is a Zumbathon out in Madison this weekend - August 1st from 12-3. I will be one of the instructors at this event - how exciting!!!! What more can a girl want on her birthday?!?!? 3 full hours of Zumba!!! This is also a fundraiser for Gilda's house, so I am hoping that a TON of money will be raised :) Contact me if you are interested!
Peace out peeps!! Love you all :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New stuff! :) :) :)

HI ALL!! Just catchin' up! Ok, I have been holding out on all of you! I created this mini for CHA :) :) :) :) and a few other things too!!! I hope you like :) Have a fabulous day!!!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer is here!

Yep, summer is here! Caytlynn is out of school and I am so excited to spend more time with her! At the same time I just don't know what to do about her and Cassidy fighting ALL the time! I have only gotten through one weekend (barely). And I feel more like a referee than a mom. I just can't stand the constant "I have to be better than you" attitude from the 2 of them. Both are type A personality. We will get by, I know that, but at what cost? Now that I am typing this it rings a bell. I do believe that I posted a similar entry at the exact same time last year - lol.

One exciting thing has happened since I last blogged... so sad, just one - lol! Anyways, I will FINALLY be published in Memory Makers!!! Too bad it will be their last issue. Still exciting none the less.

Here are a few LOs I created with the Playtime Fun Kit at my last crop. This first one is very special to me since this picture is of the last Thanksgiving my mom and dad shared together. He passed away a few weeks later. They really were soul mates. I did use a few items from past kits on this one. You can check out the LO here with all the products listed.
And here we have my mother's day gift for my MIL :) Check it out here with all the products listed.

And my not-so-little-girl-anymore's first year of school! Click here for product info.

I hope everyone has a FABTABULOUS summer! I have more LOs to share soon :)
becbeck out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Cuppie Cake! Helmar Adhesive giveaway too!!!

One of my newest creations using Helmar Adhesive! I also used Helmar's Preferred Products! Check out my post at the Helmar DT Blog to see how I created this and to learn about some fun techniques using Helmar's Adhesive! Also, leave me a comment at the Helmar Blog to win awesome adhesive! You can leave a comment here too ;)

I have been so busy that my head is spinning! Caytlynn and Cassidy's dance recital is this weekend. And there's only 13 days left of school! Yea!!! I can't wait for summer to be here and no more running around for dance, swim, preschool and other misc stuff!!! Just to the gym and back :) oh, and a few playdates too! Last Saturday was jam packed with fun! I'll write more and post pictures soon. It was SO much fun that I was sleeping by 8PM!!! Yes! 8pm - I was exhausted!!!! And I can't remember the last time I went to bed so early - lol!

I will leave you with 2 LOs that I created using the Rendezvous kit:

Scrap on! Becbeck out

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rendezvous Kit & Funny Cali Bear!

Check out the AWESOME Rendezvous Kit from! Click on the image to see a larger image and click here to purchase or view all the goodies that you will get in the kit. I have had so much fun playing with this kit! I'll post my LOs later :)

My little Cali Bear is just so darn cute and starting to talk now too!!! Caytlynn taped this earlier this week:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Pics, Sneak Peek and New LO!

Here is one of my latest that I created at my last crop using The Velvet Room Kit. For the top part of the background I used the lace cardstock as a mask and sprayed Helmar's V2 spray adhesive over it. I let it sit for 5 minutes, sprinkled with glitter and gently swiped Black Soot Distress Ink over it.
Next month's kit - Rendezvous! Here's a sneak peek :) More sneak peeks to come soon!
And a couple fun pics of Easter!!!! Cullen scored some Marvel Comic Flippers (flip flops). "What?" That is his word. He says it all the time and it's so cute how he enunciates it too, making sure that 't' is on the end. He says it over and over! Even more so when he doesn't understand a word you are using or an explaination you have. He's so cute!
Cali got some hippo crocs! The Easter bunny is hoping that the chunkiness of the hippos will slow her down a bit. She is a fast runner!
Cass has fun coloring Easter eggs! Cass will be 5 in less than a month. Where the heck did the time go? She was the master of the egg coloring.And Caytlynn had fun being a model to show off the fabulous eggs they colored! Caytlynn lost her second tooth two weeks ago :)

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!

New Basic Grey's Lime Rickey will be in on Tuesday and is already in the store! This is my fav line from this past CHA. I am also getting in MORE goodies from Prima - yummy!

I am hosting another crop on May 9th from 10am - 10pm and anyone that lives in Southern WI or Northern IL is invited! Let me know if you are interested. We have such a good time, you don't want to miss it!

Memory Makers is going to publish a LO of mine :) Seriously, how has it taken 7 years for them to realize what they were missing - LOL!!!! I am pretty excited! My LO will be in the Sept/Oct issue. Seems like it is so far away, but summer will come and go so fast like it always does. So it will be here before I know it!

becbeck out!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Velvet Room Kit

The April Kit is up in the store already! The Velvet Room - yum yum yum yum YUM!
Here is a close up of the embellishments:
And here is what I created with it:If you click on the image it will take you to the page that has a list of links to the products.

Also, starting this month- Specials for Kit Members (SKM). Every month there will be different items on discount for the people that have a yearly Kit Membership. This month you will receive a 30% discount on the Prima trays and all KI Memories Lace Cardstock! Woot woot!

Instructions for the tray:
First, I painted the Prima tray with Kaiser Paint and sprayed the heck out of it with Riptide Glimmer Mist - I LOVE this color!!!! Then I applied the paper using the Acid Free Glue by Helmar. I applied the Acid Free Glue directly onto the tray and spread it out using a foam brush. I made sure I didn't spread the glue to close to the edges so I could roll/distress the edges. Make sure you wash out your brush when you are done applying the paper ;) The Acid Free Glue does not dry immediately which gave me play time to make sure that my paper was centered... well, centered enough. I did have to pull the paper up a few times to readjust and it's still not perfect, but close enough. I continued to work on it even though the glue didn't dry completely.

So while the glue was drying I placed the alphabet add-on to the kit on, spelling "Becky's", to use as a mask. I sprayed Cherry Limeade Glimmer Mist over the letters and then took the letters off. By now the glue is set enough for me to distress the papers with Ink and paint and roll the edges.

Now, to embellish - Love this part! I added the alphabet first and even though they are adhesive backed I ALWAYS glue my alphas down with Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.

All the flowers are adhered with Liquid Scrap Dots to make them pop right off the tray. TIP: when working on something like this tray I would suggest that you stand it up so your work surface is horizontally flat. Before adhering the flowers I glittered 2 of them using the Helmar V2 Vellum Adhesive - I sprayed the V2 on the flowers, let them sit for 5 minutes and then sprinkled on Stampendous glitter. Easy peasy! I also sprayed a few flowers with Pearl and Riptide Glimmer Mist - gosh, not like I didn't have enough sparkle already - lol

The Butterfly was also adhered using Helmar's Liquid Scrap Dots. And the really cool thing about using the scrap dots is that I could tilt the butterfly.... now try pulling that one off using pop dots ;) haha, yep, take THAT pop dots!!!!!
I will be posting more scrappy stuff soon :)

It was beautiful outside today and I only had one kid! It was very refreshing to spend quality time with just one. I took Cali Bear outside for a bit to play and she had so much fun! It took her a few minutes to get used to walking on grass which was fun to watch ;)
This is her "Cali give me a smile" pose - she tilts her head, smiles and closes her eyes :)
She got dirty. She even tried to eat grass that she spit out, that's what is on her face - lolbecbeck out.