Monday, October 19, 2009

Mom Of The Year!

That's me, mom of the year.... I sent my 2 oldest off to school this morning. The school called 5 minutes before school started. This can not be good, I panicked! For sure one of them is sick and I had to teach Sculpt in an hour - no time to find a sub - oh no!!!! A million things were going through my head. Here's is what I heard on the other line "Hi there, we have Cassidy here in the office, there's no kindergarten class today" EEEK!!!!! Thank God no one was sick! So, I looked and sure enough "No kindergarten" was marked on the calendar for today! I really should read that first thing in the morning. Cass didn't mind though, she got to do puzzles. I had to ask to see if I was the only one and yep! The only one! They did say that they expected more - lol! I wonder if they have bets going on how many parents forget??? So, I award me for mom of the year today.... wait, is there something the opposite of that?

Here's my little pip squeek on her first day of school :)

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Jill Oriente said...

LOL! I've sent kids out to th bus stop when there was no school before.