Sunday, April 30, 2006

More Urban Lily!

Didn't have a chance to post this here yet! I went into labor before I could ;) This is probably my favorite of all the UL so far, well, maybe the 2nd fav to the one below :)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

My first LO of Cullen. I love this pic, even though he's covering his face, because it's the first pic of him!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cullen Cole is here!!

Here's my/his story...
Monday, April 24th, at 4:30 I had just gotten home from the Dr where I was scheduled to be induced on Friday, tomorrow. My mom watched the kids while I was gone and after she left I started having contractions, very sporadic. I saw my neighbor walking by and ended up talking to her for a while and the girls played with her kids. My girls ended up at their house and my neighbor went home. Called my MIL since she's a nurse and also called the dr. I didn't think I was going into labor, but doc said to go in anyway and get checked. My contractions were getting stronger and the stronger they got the more I knew I was going to have the baby! So, I started getting ready and patiently waited for the hubby to come home(I did call him). The girls came home at a little after 7. I didn't feed them supper and their settle down time 7:30. Caytlynn had a scrape on her foot, so I was trying to get something for them to eat, since the little one was pratically screaming for food, clean Caytlynn's foot and finish packing while having these REALLY strong contractions!! I called the neighbor girl over to watch my girls since I couldn't get a hold of my mom - SHE TURNED OFF HER PHONE!!!! Corey made it home and we were off to the hospital at 8:00. By then I was having contractions every 2 minutes! I didn't want to say anything to Corey, but I was so afraid that I was going to give birth in the car! We did make it there w/o having the baby :) I was wheeled into l&d and was asked "how are you?" me:"every 2 minutes, not so good!". That was 8:30. They set me up, got my epaduril(sp?) :) :) :) :) and at about 10pm, my OB came in and said we can have this baby now if you want to start pushing - EEEK! I did not expect this so soon! Dr got prepped and I pushed through 2 of my contractions and he flew out of me. Doc said he had to check him for wings :) 8lbs 4 oz 21 inches long, Cullen Cole was born at 10:21pm. His face bruised because he came out so fast! Besides that, everything was perfect! He's healthy and I feel great! We're at home now and it's oddly quiet since the girls are at g-ma's! Here's Cullen:

And here's the chaos of everyone(Cassidy was trying to kiss me with her mouth open!), I have a feeling that this is what life will be like for the next few years!

And here's Cullen hangin' out in his swing :) I'll post more photos later - surprise, surprise!

Friday, April 21, 2006

My website is Live!!

Hey, FINALLY, my website is live and kickin'! Scrap-Tastic opened 2 days ago :) :) :) So, besides hanging out at my site ;), I've been scrappin' with the new Urban Lily. Gosh, this stuff rocks! Here's one that I did yesterday.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Urbal Lily LO :) *edited to add LO*

I Really should be sleeping or trying to sleep, but I just keep thinking about the new UL stuff!! Call it a sickness if you will ;) Here's what I did this morning.
Here's another :)

I got a visit from my ...

2 new best friends - the UPS and FedEx guys! Urban Lily is in the house!!!!!! OMG, these papers totally rock! I was so stinkin tired last night I couldn't play. But, my dd woke me up at 4am and I couldn't stop thinking of them, plus my belly wouldn't stop moving(this baby's kickin!) and I'm off to scrap :) :) :) :) I also got some shoes for my youngest, it's not as exciting as the Urban Lily though!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

LO, Tues. challenge and Ramblings(jealousy issues)

Here is one of most fav pics of Caytlynn. I just love it when a pic shows her lashes off! Even though I wish she got the lashes from me, her daddy has beautiful lashes and that's where she got them from! This one is another for Fiber Scraps DT!

Challenge(thanks to BonnieRose): list 5-10 websites on your Blog... websites that you like to visit, frequent often... let's all learn about some cool websites fr ea other!

Scrap-Tastic - What kind of person would I be if I didn't plug my own website!?!?! Even though it's not live yet, it will be in a day or two! I have been spent ALOT of time there recently!!
2peas - it's on the side bar. Love this site for all of the ideas I get from it. I can spend hours and hours there!!
Michelle's Blog - One of the coolest, hottest chicks I know! Well, next to me ;) Also, her work is totally amazing and I am super lucky to have her on my DT!!!!
Peanut Butter & Co - Anyone who LOVES peanut butter should check this out! I have never tried their PB, but I will when I'm ready to spend 5-6 bucks for a jar of PB! They do have cool receipes though!
Abstract fonts - Holy fonts batman!! 10,000 free fonts!! Did I mention they are free?? Check it out!

Now, I've been reading about all these girlies getting their drink on and I'm a bit jealous! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm super duper jealous!!!! ESPECIALLY, since I'm 8 months preggo and this is the time when I REALLY want to get trashed! It is funny to see and hear the drunkin stories though :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Scrap-Tastic & Adorable Pics!

I've been getting a lot of questions about when Scrap-Tastic will open. SOON :) :) :) It should only be a couple of days. There are just a few minor things that need to be done!
Here's some recent pics of the girls. I've been posting LOs of Caytlynn but the pics are 3 years old!! Here's Cassidy, I had her dressed really cute and she decided to turn into a home girl and put a t-shirt on and a hat! She was saying "froggy", which is in her hand.
Here's Caytlynn with some of her new princess stuff that arrived that day! She was so happy, can ya tell??

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wow - 4 LOs Today :)

I had the afternoon entirely to myself and did it feel awesome!!! I really didn't want to do any work, but forced myself to do a little ;) Anyway, I spent the majority of that time scrapping and started and finished 4 LOs!!! Thanks to Provo Craft!! I'm not groovin' on the last one, but I don't know what to do to it! Any suggestions?
just look at that face
{six} months

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2 LOs and Challenge

I have to say that I am thoroughly tired of being preggo. My feet have been swelling lately and it doesn't feel very good, my toes look like small sausages. It's a good thing we don't have a dog - lol. I am extremely thankful to be able to have this baby and to be preggo in the first place, but come on, 9 months is just a bit long. I think it's the last 3-4 weeks that I can't stand. I'm huge and always out of breath. Oh, I went for a walk yesterday and started to talk to my neighbor. I let Cassidy out of the stroller to see the dogs and after a while she took off! Can you just picture me "trying" to run with a huge belly! I couldn't catch her and was screaming for her to stop. Luckily there were no cars around, but just after I got her and took her hand a car came around the corner like a bat out of hell. The SL is only 25, but this car must have been goin 40! Everyone's safe, but it shook me up. I didn't even make it a mile and was sore for the rest of the day! Enough of my ramblings/complaining!!
I've been putting off a lot of stuff I want to get scrapped just because of the theme or some pics are bad. Whatever the reason, I am going to try to get as many of these scrapped tomorrow, I am a free woman! My MIL is taking both of the kids for the day :) :) :)
I did do 2 LOs tonight. For one the pics are so cute, but the film was really old. I had to scrap those. And I save a lot of my cards, actually, I save a lot of everything!! My kids are going to hate me when I die - lol! Anyway, instead of making LOs for every occassion of cards, I just made one LO! Oh, but my fav part of the LOs is the flower I made with the bubble stickers. I wish I would have done that on a LO that has better pics!

Challenge(thanks to BonnieRose): Pick one. and Elaborate if you so wish!
chocolate or vanilla? HANDS DOWN - CHOCO!!!
sandals or barefoot? Sandals
basic grey or scenic route? BG!!
primas or HS flowers? Primas :) they make me smile
computer journaling or handwritten? computer - shown and hand written hidden, although, lately I've been doing mostly handwritten for the sake of time(baby's due in 2 weeks!)
Madonna or Gwen Stefani? Gwen and her hunky hubby :)
Leno or Conan? Leno
Koolaid or Crystal Lite? Koolaid
American Idol or Amazing Race - AI, but I love them both!
catlover or doglover? - CAT!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Dare #23

I LOVE this dare! This one was fun to do too! I used old pics from 97-99 which made it fun!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A 2-Pager and Challenge

Here's what I did today :) I had some extra time to myself since the hubby is going to a basketball game tomorrow. I've been putting these photos off since I had so many and wanted to use them all. Well, some aren't appropriate to show the general public, but I still wanted to keep them with the other photos - it was a drunkin' weekender, what do you expect! So, I just put them in a pocket! I'm glad I finally did them and happy with the LO.
Challenge(thanks to BonnieRose): Are there any NEW scrapbooking products {out on the market now}.. that you just **can't wait** to try? Is there something out there that you just **gotta have**? Let me know your wish lists!
THere are so many items out that I want to get my little paws on, but for me the must haves(and I will eventually) are Elsie stamps. Elsie is one of my favs and her stamps are WAY cool! The new chipboard stuff from Fancy Pants, I want them all, but I think the scrolls are really neato! ALL of the new papers from Urban Lily that should be arriving any day, I can't wait - they ALL rock! :) :) :) :) Some really cool alpha rub-ons. I don't care as long as they look cool, I just want to expand my rub-on alpha collection! I'm sure there's so much more, but that's the stuff I want to scrap with tonight - lol! Oh, and lots of primas, lots and lots. I want to swim in them!

Friday, April 07, 2006

LO and Challenge!

Here's a LO using Fiber Scraps new AND old stuff!
Challenge(thanks to BonnieRose): Blog about your fave ice-cream flavor. Summer is right around the corner. If you absolutely love the stuff, like I do! what's your fave flavor? Do you have more than one? Is it a specific brand? Do you enjoy it in a cone or in a dish, piled up high with other yummy stuff?
MMMMMM, Ice Cream!! Lately, I've been craving mint chocolate chip - YUM!! But usually I like chocolate topped with just about everything, my fav is a turtle, but with choco and extra pecans! For those of you that don't know, a turtle is topped with carmel, hot fudge and pecans. Oh, could I go for one right now :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

LO and challenge

I just love the new Fiber Scraps stuff!! Here's a LO I did with one of their new lines :) Oh, this is for the Ali scraplift on 2peas too!

Thanks to BonnieRose, here's the Thurs challenge:
Do you have a special place/places in your home, where you consider it to be your sanctuary?? You know what I mean, that special place FOR YOU, where you feel cuddled, loved, warm and fuzzy, and at peace?
Well, I don't have any place I would consider to be sanctuary like, I have 2 kids - lol!!! But, the places in my home that I am most comfortable are
1. On the couch/recliner snuggling with one or both of my daughters :) It is so incredibly comfy! Plus I just love it when my youngest comes to me, climbs up and says "nuggle" as she pulls my blanket over her.
2. How can I not mention my scrap space here!! It's the place that I actually "get away" without leaving the house. Of course, I love to create and all that other good stuff there too!!

Thanks for all the funny comments from the mouse post. I'm still laughing about it!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My New Best Friend!

I saw my new best friend today, he brought me a package from Bazzill!!! LOVE him! It's the UPS guy :) He'll be bringing me more stuff soon and I can't wait.

Monday, April 03, 2006

FUNNY STORY, card & Tuesday Challenge

OMG!!! This is flippin hilarious!! I was on ScrapSubmit :) minding my own business and my cat, Sophi, was freaking out! Well, she's pretty old and doesn't move very fast unless the kids are chasing her ;) So, I saw her pawing at something and saw this "something" go toward the couch. Sophi was walking around the couch like this "something" was under there. Well, I was pretty sure it was a mouse, so I called for my hubby and he had every doubt in his mind that I saw a mouse. He lifted up the couch and the mouse ran toward him. I haven't seen him do a football suffle until today :) We were laughing so hard! I got one of the cats in there and she didn't do a thing. Got the camera ;) then the other cat. Neither of our cats had any interest in this mouse! Even when it wasn't moving! I was just thinking today how clean this house is compared to our other house - lol!!! Ok, maybe it wasn't that funny, but I just can't believe that there was a mouse in our house!
Here's a card I did for Paperwhite:

I did a LO for Fiber Scraps, but I'm going to start to "save" some of my LOs for MMM :)

Tuesday's Challenge: Use your blog to write about YOUR HOPES AND WISHES for YOU. No one else. Not your kids. Not your better half. Not friends and family. But your hopes and wishes for YOU and you alone. What are they? Do you have any? What are YOUR hopes and wishes? YOUR dreams? Elaborate as you wish. Remember, this one is all about YOU. You matter. How you feel counts. What your deepest dreams, passions are. Write them down. Get specific. Imagine. This is a no brainer for me. First, I want my scrapbook site to be successful and grow into an actual storefront! I also want to continue growing my scrapping for others business. I really just want to be in the scrapbooking business for the rest of my life and not have to go to work when all of the kids are in school(If that ever happens and hopefully someday I will stop getting preggo- ha ha!)