Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Urbal Lily LO :) *edited to add LO*

I Really should be sleeping or trying to sleep, but I just keep thinking about the new UL stuff!! Call it a sickness if you will ;) Here's what I did this morning.
Here's another :)


em said...

This is awesome! I love the black outlines!!

em said...

Oooh I really like the second one, too! The rounded corners are great!

Lara said...

love Urban Lily & adore the way you have used it.

Michelle W. said...

you are one sick lady! Those layout rocks!!!

and if that's your husband he is super hot!

in a friend's husband sorta way! lol


DebbieHodge said...

gorgeous! and congrats on getting scraptastic going

Rach H said...

Oh Becky your a busy girl!!!
Loving those super fantastic LO's.........way cool.
.......not long until you met that little person thats keeping you awake.........that has got to be the most empowering moment in ones life!!!........that feeling makes me want to have another baby!!!......but NO 3's enough!!
hey the other site I'm on the owners are expecting twins in about 4 weeks + she's hanging for a drink as I'm a nice person I'll have for you + 1 for her!!! ;)
you take care of yourself.

KJ said...

Love those UL layouts!!

Tiffany said...

These are too cute!!! I got a comment from you on my blog and it said I was on yours so I just had to check you out because I did not remember visiting you. Well I think I figured it out--Scrap-Tastic. I am new to that site (I am a friend of Kelly's-design team)so I found you through there. Great job on the LO's. They are awesome!!!