Tuesday, April 11, 2006

2 LOs and Challenge

I have to say that I am thoroughly tired of being preggo. My feet have been swelling lately and it doesn't feel very good, my toes look like small sausages. It's a good thing we don't have a dog - lol. I am extremely thankful to be able to have this baby and to be preggo in the first place, but come on, 9 months is just a bit long. I think it's the last 3-4 weeks that I can't stand. I'm huge and always out of breath. Oh, I went for a walk yesterday and started to talk to my neighbor. I let Cassidy out of the stroller to see the dogs and after a while she took off! Can you just picture me "trying" to run with a huge belly! I couldn't catch her and was screaming for her to stop. Luckily there were no cars around, but just after I got her and took her hand a car came around the corner like a bat out of hell. The SL is only 25, but this car must have been goin 40! Everyone's safe, but it shook me up. I didn't even make it a mile and was sore for the rest of the day! Enough of my ramblings/complaining!!
I've been putting off a lot of stuff I want to get scrapped just because of the theme or some pics are bad. Whatever the reason, I am going to try to get as many of these scrapped tomorrow, I am a free woman! My MIL is taking both of the kids for the day :) :) :)
I did do 2 LOs tonight. For one the pics are so cute, but the film was really old. I had to scrap those. And I save a lot of my cards, actually, I save a lot of everything!! My kids are going to hate me when I die - lol! Anyway, instead of making LOs for every occassion of cards, I just made one LO! Oh, but my fav part of the LOs is the flower I made with the bubble stickers. I wish I would have done that on a LO that has better pics!

Challenge(thanks to BonnieRose): Pick one. and Elaborate if you so wish!
chocolate or vanilla? HANDS DOWN - CHOCO!!!
sandals or barefoot? Sandals
basic grey or scenic route? BG!!
primas or HS flowers? Primas :) they make me smile
computer journaling or handwritten? computer - shown and hand written hidden, although, lately I've been doing mostly handwritten for the sake of time(baby's due in 2 weeks!)
Madonna or Gwen Stefani? Gwen and her hunky hubby :)
Leno or Conan? Leno
Koolaid or Crystal Lite? Koolaid
American Idol or Amazing Race - AI, but I love them both!
catlover or doglover? - CAT!!!


Anonymous said...

Fun layouts, awesome work!! My list would look pretty much like yours!!

Anonymous said...

love the bubble flower. can't believe the baby's coming so soon.

Leah's Crafty Life said...

Love the layouts. I have to agree, the last month seems the longest. That would have scared the crap out of me not being able to catch up with my little one. Happy everyone is safe!

Kristal said...

Cool list. And LOVIN' your lo's! Really great. With you about saving everything. Major Pack Rat :0)

Unknown said...

Love the layout! I so agree with you with the Basic Grey....they are my favorite hands down. I can relate to the tired of being preggo thing, but the payoff is so big, its worth the wait...lol

Sandra Collins said...

I loved your layouts. Great idea for cards - I'll have to keep that in mind.

Bonita Rose said...

your layouts look awesome..... love how you did them!
thks for doing the challenge! I am a leno person too!

imanewbierunner said...

I like your los! I'm sure you'll be glad to finally have the baby. the last bit is always the hardest b/c it seems like the longest!

Anonymous said...

what cute LO's and fun answers to the challenge!

Unknown said...

ROTFL at the title "...bad film"! Clever! Hang in there, the end or your pregnancy will be here before you know it!!!