Monday, April 17, 2006

LO, Tues. challenge and Ramblings(jealousy issues)

Here is one of most fav pics of Caytlynn. I just love it when a pic shows her lashes off! Even though I wish she got the lashes from me, her daddy has beautiful lashes and that's where she got them from! This one is another for Fiber Scraps DT!

Challenge(thanks to BonnieRose): list 5-10 websites on your Blog... websites that you like to visit, frequent often... let's all learn about some cool websites fr ea other!

Scrap-Tastic - What kind of person would I be if I didn't plug my own website!?!?! Even though it's not live yet, it will be in a day or two! I have been spent ALOT of time there recently!!
2peas - it's on the side bar. Love this site for all of the ideas I get from it. I can spend hours and hours there!!
Michelle's Blog - One of the coolest, hottest chicks I know! Well, next to me ;) Also, her work is totally amazing and I am super lucky to have her on my DT!!!!
Peanut Butter & Co - Anyone who LOVES peanut butter should check this out! I have never tried their PB, but I will when I'm ready to spend 5-6 bucks for a jar of PB! They do have cool receipes though!
Abstract fonts - Holy fonts batman!! 10,000 free fonts!! Did I mention they are free?? Check it out!

Now, I've been reading about all these girlies getting their drink on and I'm a bit jealous! Oh, who am I kidding, I'm super duper jealous!!!! ESPECIALLY, since I'm 8 months preggo and this is the time when I REALLY want to get trashed! It is funny to see and hear the drunkin stories though :)


Melissa said...

cute layout :) TFS your websites, I am a fan of Michelle too ;)

Michelle W. said...

OMG!! you're super-fan-tastic for saying I'm hot! You're one hot chick and so glad you are my friend! Seriously! send pictures for the photo swap! lol

Love you lots and lots... Can't wait for the new babe arrives. hehe.


Unknown said...

Love the fibers tied into the flowers! Awesome layout! And, I'm hooked on Michelle's blog, too!

RACHEL =) said...

Such a cute layout, Becky!! And that pic of her is Gorgeous!!!! :)

angieoh! said...

Don't worry, we will get you back to getting your drink on soon enough!!! Can't wait for the baby!

Bonita Rose said...

Your layout is amazing!

justem said...

Super cute layout! I am so excited to see the new site! (And the new babe when he/she arrives!)

Jana said...

What an adorable picture! Love your LO!