Sunday, March 16, 2008


So sad that my little getaway is over. I left Friday to go to CKU and came home Saturday night. It went too fast! I helped Michelle teach her hanging frame class which was so much fun! I helped out with 6 of her classes, we made 4 examples Friday night in 90 minutes, we had a few beers, made a lot of friends and had a blast! It was so hard leaving and knowing that it won't be until summer CHA that I see Michelle again. Although, I'm sure that every day until CHA we will talk on the phone at least once a day and sometimes more - lol! On the bright side, I did meet a few people that would like me to teach either at their store or at a retreat - yea! By far, the coolest chick I met there was one of the TAs for Saturday - Marilynn (sorry if I spelled this wrong!).

ok, I almost forgot I have been tagged! i need to describe myself with the letters of my middle name... here we go!
Lazy (I am all about being lazy, but I am ambitious too, just depends on what has to be done - lol)

Yummy (one of my favorite words to describe a hot guy)(sorry, this is all I could think of!!!)
Naughty ;)
Nice :)

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Really???? It's gone? I know I posted my Build-a-book here a few weeks ago and now my post is gone! humph!

Well, I guess I'll have to post it again - lol Along with that, check this out - I'll be teaching a Paintables class at an expo here in Milwaukee, I can't wait! If you are from the area, make sure you sign up early! I forgot to mention that I am a Prima sponsored teacher now, so you will be seeing a ton of Prima creations from me!

So, here's my mini using the new Build-a-book by Prima, designed by Fire and Ice Designs :) These bad boys will be available in 3-5 weeks. You can pre-order them at my site - - build-a-book pre-orders

and my newest model!!! Isn't she just the cutest!!! I love how cute and pudgy her cheeks are :)

and a LO of my little cuttie pie. I used the March Kit and also used a pencil lines sketch :)

Other stuff: The other day I got food poisoning - not fun (or pretty)! 4 hours of wasted time spent in the bathroom floor, mostly napping. I lost 10 pounds, but put it all back on when I drank water to rehydrate. It was nice feeling halfway skinny again - lol. the hubby got snipped yesterday - yes, we are SO done having kids!!! 4 is plenty ;) And after the day I had today, it seems like too many - haha! My Grandma turned 97 today!!! Her party is tomorrow, which I will be taking the 4 kids to all by myself *eeek*! That will be interesting! My mom, the kids and I went to the dells a few weeks ago, that was FUN!!! Looking forward to doing that again soon! The kids loved the water slides! Even Cali liked being in the water. I'll be Michelle's Teacher's Asst next weekend at CKU in Chicago. I'm actually staying overnight *shock*. We should be trouble, uh, I mean, it should be fun :) I guess that's all for now. Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know you visited me :)