Saturday, July 22, 2006

My day at CHA :)

Well, I was there ALL day, yet it seemed to last only a few hours.

The first booth I went to was Prima. That place was dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!! The lovely & talented Tina Freeman helped me spend a LOT of $. Found out she lives near me, so hopefully we can get together and scrap!! I ordered all the paper collections and some coordinating flowers. by then I was WAY over my limit, but still talked myself into ordering some ribbon - YUM!! Then, I ended up in the beading and craft section (I was looking for Paper House) and wasted a lot of time there, not on purpose.

Found Paper House and got to meet the fabulous Wendy Malicho!!!! and did a make-n-take with her and got some photo time in too!!

Met with Kerry, one of the editors of Cantata books, for lunch. I am not a person to know a lot of names, but I did recognize the name Christine Brown, she was there. I guess from what a few of the other girls were saying that there were other big shots there too!! I'm not one on knowing names, but show me one of their LOs and then I know who they are, he he. The urbly talented Debbie Hodge was at the lunchon as well!

Pumped and dumped.

Met up with Debbie and the 2 girlies responsible for me getting into CHA - Tanya and Val from Outrageous Daisy. More photo time!!!

Placed an order with Maya Road, they will be our sponsor for October or November - YEA!!! Got some YUMMY ribbon!! some chipboard letters and the flower chipboard book.

The rest of the time I did make-n-takes. One from THE Karen Foster, got some photo time in with her!!

AND..... THE Stacey from Junkitz, even more photo time! Not only is she cute, but her hubby is too!

Drove home with achy knees, shoulder and back to a little boy and girl that really missed their mommy!! Although, I think Cullen missed my boob more than me ;)

becbeck out

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So smiley!

My little man is so happy and so smiley! Look here, he is just beaming! Love him!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

busy, busy, busy

Well, not really, but I will be! I am sooooo stinkin excited, Barb and her aunt are coming over to scrap on Wed!!! We are going to have fun, fun, fun!!!! Hopefully I can come up with something for my MMM entry. I have some done, but am not totally groovin' on them, so I will have to see what else I come up with this month! I'm sure I'll have a ton of rejects to post after I send my 5 in :) Sunday we are packing up the kids and heading out to Gregg and Julie's place. They have 2 boys. Caytlynn had one of them pinned in the corner crying last time they were here. Let's hope that she eases up on the poor guy!
So, we put a pool on the deck and the girls LOVE it! It's been so beautiful lately, just that perfect temp where it's not too hot or too cool. This pic is of Cassidy right after she fell - not a happy camper!! You need to click on it and see it full size to really see her face. Look at the compassion in Caytlynn's face, too precious! Also, here's some scrappy stuff!!! I think this pink one is one of my new favs!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Funny story and more scrappy stuff!

So, the other day I was changing Cullen's diaper. I had my 2 little helpers next to me. Cullen decides to pee pee and make a water fountain! This was the first time the girls witnessed this. Cassidy looks at me after he was done and says"AGAIN! AGAIN MOMMY!!!" I must have laughed for 5 minutes! Cassidy says that all the time when we're watching TV. I think she wanted me to rewind time and watch it again, just like we do with TV!
I took Caytlynn, Cassidy and Cullen out to my mom's camper for the day yesterday. We were in a parade! The girls had so much fun throwing out candy to the other kids. and eating it too! It was an action packed day, no dull moments that's for sure! Exhausting, but fun! Here are a few of my fav pics. I took 71 in all!
Any woo, here's some more FIber Scraps LOs! The last one is the HMITM Challenge #4. I used over 60 stickers!!!
This is the journaling on this first one: Didn't Gammer get the memo? I'm a Girl! As if the outfit "thing" wasn't bad enough, she put my bic in crooked and snapped my picture. Hopefully mommy won't scrap these.