Monday, July 03, 2006

Funny story and more scrappy stuff!

So, the other day I was changing Cullen's diaper. I had my 2 little helpers next to me. Cullen decides to pee pee and make a water fountain! This was the first time the girls witnessed this. Cassidy looks at me after he was done and says"AGAIN! AGAIN MOMMY!!!" I must have laughed for 5 minutes! Cassidy says that all the time when we're watching TV. I think she wanted me to rewind time and watch it again, just like we do with TV!
I took Caytlynn, Cassidy and Cullen out to my mom's camper for the day yesterday. We were in a parade! The girls had so much fun throwing out candy to the other kids. and eating it too! It was an action packed day, no dull moments that's for sure! Exhausting, but fun! Here are a few of my fav pics. I took 71 in all!
Any woo, here's some more FIber Scraps LOs! The last one is the HMITM Challenge #4. I used over 60 stickers!!!
This is the journaling on this first one: Didn't Gammer get the memo? I'm a Girl! As if the outfit "thing" wasn't bad enough, she put my bic in crooked and snapped my picture. Hopefully mommy won't scrap these.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the ole' fountain pee! LOL! Love your layouts and your pix! :)

RACHEL =) said...

LOL on the fountain, haha!!! =)

LOVE the layouts, you've been on a scrappin role, girlie!! And the pictures are SO cute!!!!!

Hope you and the fam have a great 4th!! =)

Barb said...

again! again! Totally hilarious.

Love the scrappy goodies, too.

Anonymous said...

he is so darn cute. and you are so darn incredible to be doing this gorgeous scrapping with all these gorgeous kiddos around

Rach H said...

hey remember me??.........that slacko kiwi!!!......feeling so bad I haven;t being giving you or your site any lovin!!.....but life has being filled with sickness after sickness.........this week Taidhg had got Scarlet Fever!! does this give you an idea where my life is at the moment??
Thanks SO much for the BD greetings + (hugs)!!!
Girl you are so rocking the boat in creativty!!!.....WOW fantastic work.
Look at Cullen looking all cute + I soooooooooooooo LOVE how you guys are sooooooooooo patriotic in the US.
take care + hope to have a normal life soon + have a play on your site. I want to do this mths comp.
take care + big kiwi HUGS

Unknown said...

ROFLMAO about the "do it again!" Too cute! Love the layouts!

Anonymous said...

J'adore ces pages free style ! I love it !

Jill said...

Wonderful work. Love the fountain story!!! Great layouts.

Cami said...

that last one is a really neat use of all those stickers...great job!