Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a typical Tuesday!

I was woken 20 minutes TOO early by Cassidy yelling for me for who knows what - grrr. Today was off to a great start ;)

Did Zumba in the AM and even walked on the treadmil for a few minutes, went to the consignment shop to drop off clothes, P.O. to drop off packages, FedEx dropoff - more packages, and back to the consignment shop, left with one cranky boy that cried for 45 minutes! Yes, 45 minutes! I was looking at halloween outfits for him when I saw him throw his sister to the ground. She was trying to sit on a chair and he didn't think that she was suppose to. So, I said, very nicely "Cullen, you need to let mommy handle baby"and he punched me twice. I told him that the coustume would not be bought today and he threw a fit! Meanwhile I was getting skipped by a lady that was complaining she was there too long and had to leave - really??? I was there before her and I have a screaming child and she skips me! Come on! I could have totally lost it since I was skipped by another lady before that. I kept it together even though it was a disaster. Then this lady was complaining because she had to come back since the owner doesn't put the items into the system immediately! really, COME ON! On with my day... onto Caytlynn's school for lunch (parent lunch week), drop Cullen at peeschool(that's what he calls it) and home for Cali to nap. I worked and took a cat nap - yea!!! pick Cullen up from peeschool, prepare dinner as much as possible so I can come home later to actually make it. Caytlynn and Cass get home, drive Caytlynn to 1st communion class, workout(again), pick Caytlynn up, make dinner, watch a bit of Die Hard and send the kiddos to bed - whew, what a day - lol!

Onto scrappy goodness :) :) :) The newest kit is in the store - Not Too Halloweenie - hehe.

Click on the image and scroll down to see all the fabulous LOs and cards created by the Design Team Girlies!

Last, but not least, here is my Cali bear!! Totally looking like she came straight from the 80s!!!
Scrap On!


Lauren Ferguson said...

You survived to live another day!

Tricia said...

an adult "skipped You" in line? Really? Cmon people ~ get a life and GROW UP! And yes, you survived another day. I hate those days when little people cry and whine.
Great picture of the 80's girl. She looks like she could be on the Buns of Steel workout video lol