Thursday, March 09, 2006

Friday Challenge

1. List the people from your past who you would like to reconnect with through Email.( if only you could find them...) There are a few people that I'd like to find out what they are up to and that's mainly ex-boyfriends - Lucian, Brian, Dan. I don't really need to reconnect, but just say "hey!". If only they had a TV show "Where are they now" for my ex-boyfriends!! Ha! That would be quite a show to watch!!
2. List the companies you wish you owned. Archivers, but bigger and better!!!
3. List the things you do to defy aging. Yoga and Pentaxyl(botox in a bottle)
4. List what you do to snap out of a bad mood. This is easy - Scrap or just look at pictures!


mom on fire said...

If you ever own Archivers, please make a new rule that I can bring a drink into the cropping room. PLEASE!!!!! :) Amy

Lara said...

ex boyfriends - yep I often wonder what they are up to - just to see for a few minutes would be quite satisfying!

Unknown said...

I hear ya on the ex's!