Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who has time to breathe??

I certainly don't! I feel as though I don't even sit anymore unless it's to feed the baby! I do have to say that I love my little baby girl! We, meaning the 3 older kids and I, gave Cali a bath today! Caytlynn was the photographer, Cass was the big helper and Cullen was the biggest helper (in not letting me do my job - lol!) it all boiled down to a great time and fun for all the kiddos. I wanted to get a pic of all of their feet, but it just ended up being a laugh fest with all the kiddos stomping their feet on the floor:

And here is my baby girl, she is perfect! Look at that hair, what a DIVA! Most people pay big bucks for fabulous hair like that and here she is, only 9 days old and she doesn't even TRY to have good hair, it's just naturally perfect! She is so model-esque in this photo, I love it! This photo is much better than some of those ANTM pictures. I'm telling you all right now, she is going to grow up and be a model with fabulous hair! And did you check out those legs in the last photo??? That really just seals the deal!

I'm so excited about this!!!!! I have 2 LOs in here. I try to forget about publications until I actually GET the publication, but I happened to see this on-line and hyped myself up about it and can't wait to get it!!!

That's it for now! All I need to remember is to just breathe!


Robyn Weatherspoon said...

OMGosh! Becky you have the cutest bunch of kiddos ever! I see some great layouts with these photos!

Colleen said...

OMG look at all that hair!! What a DIVA!!! :) And I LOVE that picture of them all laying on the floor... too cute!

Denise Hughes said...

Congrats girl! I'll have to buy this when it comes out!

Lyn said...

CONGRATS! What an exciting accomplishment, one which you deserve!!