Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lime Green and with a BUG!

I'm trying out for a DT member for the Cricut 360 blog and thought I would share what I made :) I needed to use lime green and include a bug - lol... oh, and of course, use my cricut!

My goodness, it's been one heck of a week... well, last week, that is! Moday was rehersal for Caytlynn and Cassidy's bridging and that took place on Wednesday. Here are my 2 girlies :)

Thursday was Cullen and Cali's big show :) Here they are - SO cute!

And with Brayden, Cullen's best buddy!

Cassidy's rehersal was Friday and her recital was on Saturday :) She did such a great job and I'm so proud! She knew the dance well and smiled the entire time!!

The recital was followed by Cassidy and Cullen's b-day party celebration which was followed by a bon fire and a night to stay up late... the kids were thrilled to stay up late!!!

And it was with Uncle Chad!!!!

Sunday was a recovery day and then Monday we busted out the slide cause it was so hot! The kids had a BLAST!!!

It was a great week, but I'm glad things are back to normal :)

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