Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If you suddenly stop hearing from me...

that means I did not survive the summer with all 4 kids at home!

Caytlynn got off the bus at 11:45 yesterday and with in the first hour of her summer vacation there were several time outs and at one point all 4 kids were crying!! Luckily things turned around!

On the very bright side, Caytlynn received a fabulous report from her teacher! She will be entering first grade next year, and right now she is at a begining second grade reading level! She got the award for most improved :) It seems as though every time her teacher sent a note or I talked to her she was amazed at Caytlynn's progress! I am so pround of her!!! We will be working hard this summer to excel her reading and writing skills. The best part about this is that she LOVES to read and write! In the past 24 hours she has written in her journal several times and has read at least 10 books! This is a pic from her graduation.

Anyone live in Southern WI or Northern IL??? I will be having a 12 hour crop in Mukwonago Wi on August 23. Let me know if you want the deets!

becbeck out.

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