Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My green thumb...

Well, my thumb is not very green even in the most figurative sense! Although, once a year I get the itch to do something to make our landscaping just a bit prettier than what it already is. It usually happens when the weather is not too warm. And last week I got that itch! I planted a few flowers in our forest area in the back yard. I also transplanted some tulips that were growing under my hubby's ladders. I have been asking him to move his ladder pile for me to this this since last year and even though he did not move the pile, it was moved just enough for me to lean over and dig a few up. I figure that it's worth the chance of them dying since I can't enjoy them under his pile of ladders! Also, I bought a cute bird house that I stuck in there and a metal cat that bounces, so it's looking cute already, it just needs a little bit of color! Oh, I did buy 2 hanging baskets that are so low to the ground I can't really call them hanging, but they are out there too. I will not hold my breath (because I may die) for my flowers to bloom, but I am keeping my fingers crossed ;)

Corey's dad came over for Father's day and as usual it was a beautiful day! Here is Cassidy with her Gramps.

Corey took the kids on ATV rides.

Caytlynn read, no surprise here!

Cali almost jumped out of her Jumperoo!

And all the kids, minus Cali (she was too busy jumping away!) drove away on daddy's ATV, haha!

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***Paola*** said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful kids! Looks like everyone is having a great summer!


Love pics and your blog! Kisses from México!