Thursday, October 16, 2008

To be young again!

The other day I was on my way to get my hair highlighted, oh my, it's only been 6 months!!! My hair was ugly! So, here I am driving to get my hair done and what comes on the radio???? Poison - Talk Dirty To Me! It took me back, way back. And what did I do???? I blasted the radio like I was a teen again, totally jammed out in my seat and shouted the words and YES! I do remember ALL the words, just like it was yesterday! It seems like lately I have been reminded of those younger years through conversations, going through bins (from our move 3 years ago!) and.... I even stumbled upon my old portfolio for modeling. I never made it big, just made a few bucks doing some fun photo shoots. I shared it with my kids and Caytlynn couldn't stop telling me that I was so pretty then - HAHA! So I will leave you with this - here's me about half my life ago ;) no wrinkles, no gray hairs and very little cellulite... ahhhh to be young again!

Here's a LO I did a while back of Cullen in my belly :)
I created this Build-a-book for CHA that I never posted.
And finally, a sneak peek of November's Monthly Kit at Scrap-Tastic

THanks for visiting me!
becbeck out.


Lauren Ferguson said...

OMG to remember those days when you thought that 30 was old and that coloring was for your grandmother.

love ya like cooked food,

Nat said...

oh my goodness! Aren't you beautiful!!! Wowsers! Love your layuots and projects!

~Telah said...

Hello! I wandered over here from scrap-tastic. Love the layouts and mini you have posted here. And I love that song too...I would totally have done the same thing!

Barb said...

I went to a New Kids on the Block concert last weekend and totally relived my younger days.

Only, I wasn't nearly as hot as you!