Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not-such-a-baby and ramblings

Cali, my youngest, just turned one last Sunday. I was so happy as I was thinking... no more bottles, no more formula, no more car seat, more independance, more interaction, more walking, more babbling and more fun! Well, the no bottle thing didn't work out already - grrr and I haven't had a chance to change out the car seat yet. At the same time I am sad bacuase we will not be having any more babies, we are DUN! With 4 babies being more than enough, I am still sad to know that there will be no more. What is worng with me! It's a good thing that I didn't start having babies earlier in life, I probably would have had 10 by now. Here is my gorgeous baby girl, uh I mean not-such-a-baby girl ;)
My Mom was over yesterday and she snapped this up for me. We don't have any family shots with Cali in them. Actually, it's been a year and a half since the last family shot!
I have been sick for a few weeks now and last Friday my cold took a turn for the worse -grrrr.

Cullen was the first of all my kids to swallow a penny - yikes! Corey took apart the crib yesterday and he is now sleeping in a big boy bed. So far so good :) :) :) What prompted this is the other night, oh, it was the night that he swallowed the penny, he climbed out of his crib and we think he was climbing on his dresser and fell off, smashing his nose into a doll house. back up. Cullen took the doll house out of his closet that morning and I just didn't think to put it away. I certainly didn't think that he would be dresser diving/doll house smashing later that night!

I will teaching my first on-line workshop at my site - Scrap-Tastic starting at the end of the month. I am SO excited!!! Here is a teaser to wet your pallet along with a snippet of the product you will receive. This is a Build-A-Frame class and you will learn how to use Prima's Build-A-Frame Stamps. I love these stamps for so many reasons! You can find out why in the workshop ;) I will be creating 2 more add-on classes that will use the same stamps, My Boy and a Love theme. Click here read more or register for the workshop.

The November Kit, Urban Swank is up at the site! This is one that I designed, can you tell with all the pinks??? Here is one of the LOs I made with it.

And here is Urban Swank:

And here are the 2 Project Kits designed by Barb Novak:


Fink said...

Love the sleeping beauty layout! Stopping from OOTF

maddy hill said...

love the kits and your layouts are gorgeous !
you have cute kiddies ! love your little not so baby baby girl what a sweetie !!!!!!!!
p.s your still a stunner - yes i read the posts below ! and your still beautiful now xxx
thanks for visiting me x