Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Today's the day!

I have been putting this off for long enough! Caytlynn has wanted to donate her hair to locks of love for some time now. I am the one that is having a hard time parting with her beautiful long hair! I told her that we would get it cut after her first communion and, well, that was last weekend. I took a lot for me to make the phone call, but I did it! Now to have the strength to take her in - lol! I will have pictures soon :)

My latetest project - you can read all about the adhesives I used here, on the Helmar Blog!

Check out this! This is a Cricut Expression Machine! Wouldn't you like to get one?? I would! Cricut is giving one of these away on their blog. Check it out here.

Happy Wednesday!
Becky Teichmiller

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