Thursday, December 11, 2008

Police Car... Police Car...

That is what Cullen kept on saying while pointing to the driveway. Why? Because there was a cop out there. He came to the door and asked where he could find the Mallan's. hmmm... sounds familar, but I couldn't place it. So I told him that maybe it was the people 2 houses down (I couldn't think of their last name at that moment) and he left. And then I remembered that 2 houses down is the Pallen's! oops! The cop returned and I told him that the people across the street just moved in and I was about to tell him that I have no clue who lives to the right of us when he mentioned that he thinks that there was a 911 call placed from THIS address! $@!&!!! k, let's back up to when I arrived home from the gym about 20 minutes prior. Cullen was playing with my cell phone and when I took it from him it said "Emergency" was dialed but there was no signal. So I ended the call thinking nothing else of it. And completely forgetting that it ever happened. My cell phone has horrible reception at my house, so why would it work for Cullen right? Also, the few times I did cal 911 from my cell no one ever picked up, it just rang and rang and rang... good thing those few times it wasn't a life or death situation!!! So, why in the word, knowing this would I ever think that Cullen called for help! Well, he did and I apoligized a few times and explained what happened. My family is surprised that this is the first time it's happened, but really, I'm sure it doesn't happen to everyone! I won't be leaving my cell around any more! Here's a LO of my little guy... this was published a while back and haven't gotten to post it yet til now :)

BTW, The Mallan's were the origional owners of our house and there was even an owner in between us. The cop said that he ran all of our liscence plates and none of them came up with this address. Dena's car was out there so her's wouldn't have this address, but I"m not sure why the other 2 didn't. It's all a little bazzar and there are still questions unanswered. I think I will just leave it that way!

Here he is again looking so cute... *mumbles under breath "stinker!"*.

becbeck out

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Fink said...

Now I have to admit that is funny! Darn cell phones will work when you don't want them to!