Saturday, October 02, 2010

"BOO" Bucket and Much More....

This is a long one and photo heavy!!! Hang onto your gotch-gaas peeps!!!
In my last on-line class I made this :) If you missed it or you would like to watch it again, you can watch it here.
I used Scrap-Tastic's October Add-On to create it and have plenty of leftovers! You can click on the image to purchase. If you purchase the Blushing Sunset Kit and this October Add-On, you will get 10% off this Add-On kit!!
And here it is.... Blushing Sunset!!! How sweet it is :)
Last weekend I had Cali Bear aka Smooshie all to myself! It was so refreshing to spend quality one on one time with her :)

Today I was watching our neighbor girl for a few hours... she's my oldest daughter's age so it's more of a paydate! THey played with play-doh for 2 HOURS!!!

Here's Caytlynn being goofy!
I'm always ecstatic when I get that perfect shot and I snapped one of Cass today :) :) :) I think the B&W is my least fav, but I can't decided if I like the true color or vintage better... guess it depends on what colors I will be working with... maybe I will scrap her using the Blushing Sunset Kit???? hmmmm.... this might be next Wednesday's class ;)
I let my older girls pick out a girl from the Rock Princess Cartridge to create and we created them! They really do think the Cricut is the bomb diggity, as it is!

Well, that's it for today... I really need to keep up on my blog so I don't have SO much to cram in one post - LOL!!!
OH! Don't forget to mark your calendars for October 17th! Helmar is going to have a Helmar Halloween Howler Hop (OMGosh, say that 10 times fast - lol) and prizes will be given out - you don't want to miss that. Oh and I will be one of the participants(YEA!), so you REALLY don't want to miss *winks* I have a FABULOUS idea! Also check out the Helmar blog for amazing projects and inspiration!!!
Don't forget that every Wednesday I have FREE on-line classes on UStream. Make sure you either friend me, Becky Teichmiller, for an invite or "like" Scrap-Tastic for a reminder.

Thanks for stopping by.... MUAH!
Becky :)

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marcibun said...

Wow, the kids are growing even since the summer! I love seeing the pics and knowing exactly where there are. I'm loving that Boo Basket!