Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marathon post!

If I could only run like I am about to type this bad boy up! I would be in serious shape! Although, I did run for 3 miles the other day *gasp*!!! I really despise running and would rather Zumba for 20 hours rather than run for 2 ;)

I'm super excited to share my first Family Friday Project but first.... My OTHER EXCITING news!!! WHOOT!!! I was chosen to be an educator for Helmar!!!! It's not going to be much of a transition since I was on the DT and already doing UStream videos always highlighting Helmar Adhesives - lol!!! Yet, it is still thrilling for moi to have such a title :)

I had a project picked up for publication too!!! What a week it's been!

K, here it is!!! My Family Friday Project! My kids were so excited about this! I did most of the embellishing, but they painted ALL the ghosts.... even my little Squooshy! She did such a great job!

Unfortunately, Cullen was gone, but I had to get this started pronto! He did help out along the way though :)

Here is my banner.... unfortunately (AGAIN!!!), my hubby's schedule did not allow for time to get him to get the nails in the wall for me to hang this yet. But my girls were more than happy to help out ;) They were over at the neighbors and did a little face painting, can you tell??
And here are all the the ghosts AND Caytlynn's Goth Girl (she HAD to! It's hanging from the Y ghost):

I used Helmar's 450 Quick Dry because I want my glue to dry fast! There's nothing worse that gluing something down and then having to wait for it to dry in order to continue working on it!! I used Helmar's Zapdots to pop the letters up. Did you notice the bling bling on the orange part of the letters????? yes, last, but certainly NOT least... I used Helmar's V2 Vellum Adhesive to adhere the letter's together and add that bit of sparkle on the shadow. You can check it out here at the Helmar blog. I have the 450 Quick Dry, Zapdots AND V2  in stock ready to ship :)

Tonight was our first sleepover! Our neighbor, Alayna, slept over. I made no-bake cookies.... tastes pretty similar to cooke dough, but w/o the eggs, so no one will get sick.... that is unless you eat TOO MUCH! So, like I mentioned...NO-BAKE cookies.... you with me? k... Alayna said "those were so good! I love your cooking!" LOL!!! Regardless, I took the compliment and Corey says "you probably won't ever hear that again". I'll show him tomorrow when he doesn't get to eat my DE-LISH enchiladas!! tee hee hee :)

Finally... Wow, OH, wow!! I am super duper excited about the Pretty Little Things KIT!!!!

And the Pretty Little Things Add-On Kit - this is INSAINE!!!

The Add-On Kit is ONLY $28.50!! Now, if you purchase it with the Pretty Little Things Kit you will receive 10% off. Now... if you are a kit member... wait for it..... you will receive 30% off!! WOW!!! Anyone that is interested in becoming a member... it is free! All you need to do is commit to buying a full year's worth of kits! You get perks and 10% off of kits and orders! Contact me for more details:

Love you all and I will catch you on the flip side my schnizzles - MUAH! haha

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