Sunday, February 12, 2006

2 thumbs down for Magnetic Poetry!!

The Magnetic Poetry DT call was a while back in Octoberish. One of the stipulations(sp??) was to use their products on the LOs. For once in my life, I actually bought some product to try out for a DT. That never happens!! I usually get plenty of products through my DTs and I buy some special products here and there.
Lately, I have been checking their website to see who made the DT and haven't found anything. Well, I contacted MP to see who made the DT and they told me that they went internal. Needless to say I was a bit ticked and sent them a note saying "Well, what a convenient way to sucker people into buying and using your product!" Of course I didn't get a reply back from them and wasn't expecting one. I'm always a little down when I don't make a DT, I would be lying if I said I was happy I didn't make a DT I tried out for. But, for them to make a call like that and then go internal - REALLY pushed my buttons!
Anyone else try out??

Thanks for letting me vent


Michelle W. said...

I didn't try it! But that does sound fishy alright. Let's buy our stuff to make something but we'll hire our friends anyways. Ugh!


justem said...

I read this on 2peas. That totally sucks. I can't believe people would do that. I'd be mad, too.

Unknown said...

That was pretty sneaky. They should have at least contacted all the entrants and let them know personally, instead of making you take the time to find out.

Anonymous said...

That's just not right at all! I'm sorry you got caught in the middle and something really should be done about it. There are laws about things like this. grrr!


Emma said...

I sure feel your flusteration too! I've been there and it is so disappointing when you don't make a team but it really burns when they hire internally like that and then don't even let the people know who tried out who made the team. I think sometimes these DT are just to get you to buy their products and I don't usually try out for those as it can get really expensive.