Thursday, February 23, 2006

It happened!!

I can't believe I'm actually kidless!! Caytlynn woke up this morning with some red splotches on her face and I was almost in tears!! Luckily, they went away! I have until 2: 15 for ME! If you're wondering why I am sooooo excited, it's because I can't even remember the last time this has happened for a huge chunk of time, maybe 5 or 6 months ago???


Anonymous said...

Oooooo, you are LUCKY. Enjoy every second. What were the red spots anyway? Just curious! Let us know what you did with your special time!

Michelle W. said...

enjoy the time, because it never last long enough. LOL. Glad those spots went away. My daughter had the mumps before Christmas and I was crying looking at it (I'm a wimp!)