Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cover Girl

Thanks to Michelle, today's random challenge is:

Share some of your bad date stories.

I don't have a bad date that really sticks out, but I did date a guy that is a pretty funny story.
I met this guy, don't even remember his name, at a club. He was very pretty, the model type. He was an aspiring model. No, he was not a girl. Anyway, we talked a few times and he was really cool. I invited him over, so, he and his friend and friends kid came over. I opened the door and to my surprise, he had foundation and powder on! Maybe a little eyeliner too! Hence, the name "cover girl" - What a turn off!!!! I did ask him questions, just incase he came from or was going to a photo shoot and no, it was just a regular day! Well, it was over, I could never date a guy that wore more make-up than me - lol!!!


Michelle W. said...

oh man! What's up with this. I saw it on Dana's blog too that guy she went to the dance with is wearing make up too! LOL.


B said...

Hey did you date the same guy Dana did? LOL! What's with the makeup?????

Unknown said...

was his name David Prince??? He wore eyeliner and foundation??? LOL


Jana said...

What is with the men and makeup? I too would have a problem with that!