Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursdays random challenge: Bunch of random questions

1. How did you get into scrapbooking? I have always been a picture freak! I use to put my pics in those acid filled albums - yuck! Well, I fell in love with my hubby and around the same time heard about "real" scrapbooking. We were at Michael's one day and he bought me my first scrapbook :) Now, I couldn't even drag my hubby into Michael's - lol!
2. How do you define your style? I don't have a particular style.

3. Do you like scrapbooking with other people? With my SIL. I don't like going to crops and having to travel with my stuff. I always forget something!!

4. Do you have friends that scrapbook with you? Rarely, my SIL and I scrap. It's usually once a year.

5. Do you ever scrapbook about yourself? I don't like to, I have sooooo many pictures of my kids and family that I really need to do before I do some about me. That is my biggest pet peeve about contests - AAM/BOM LOs! I promise that I will never have a contest where I will ask for an AAM/BOM LO!!!

6. Do you scraplift? If yes/no, why? Yes, I basically look at it as inspiration since I rarely "copy" LOs. I usually "lift" an idea or shape or somathing small.

7. Do you stamp in your scrapbook pages? Sometimes, but not a lot. I probably would more if I had cool stamps!


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky! Great answers, love reading about you! Have a super day!

Lori said...

Great answers. I liked getting to know you. Thanks for posting on my blog today!

Bonita Rose said...

Loved your answers.. don't worry. I don't have a particular sb syle either.. I just do whatever moves me at the time.

kajira said...

Hiya Becky! How have you been? Congrats on the "me time!" I know how valuable that is to parents! Whatcha been doing with it?

It was fun reading about your scrapping journey. Well, I'm going to stop rambling now! Loved your answers!

Lara said...

loved your comment about 'style' I don't feel I really have any particular one either & it's great to hear someone else say that!

Michelle W. said...

Hi Becky, love your answers. I don't think I have a style either. LOL. I like everything.