Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Challenge

Bubbly - I usually have a lot of energy (except when pregnant)
Extraordinary - Not a typical girl!
Crazy - I do have a wild side and not afraid to show it!!
Kooky - Don't really know how to explain this one, but it's totally me!
Yawn - Very tired!! I'm in my third trimester :)


Aimeslee Winans said...

OH gosh girl, did not realize/remember you were THAT preggers...uh, yeah, what are you doing trying to do ANYthing? LOL No wonder you are tired! LOL at your comment about two challenges in one day - it DID give me a headache, will think twice about doing that again. ;)

I love your confidence on your descriptors...I need to model that more. And congrats on coming up with a Y word! That's super tough!

Sweet dreams from Aimes

justem said...

Cute!!! I wish I had a B in my name so I could be bubbley :)