Monday, February 27, 2006

An Addition to Today's Challenge.

I would love to be on extreme make-over - all the plastic surgery for free!!! I don't need major stuff done, but a little nip, lift and tuck here and there would sure be nice!

Oh and Extreme Makeover Home addition - I really love my house, but have you seen what these people get???? Count me in!


justem said...

Oh yes..Extreme Makeover Home Edition...bring it on! I am totally NOT deserving...but wow would I love a house like that!

Michelle W. said...

oh yeah. I know I'll never get on because people on there really deserves it. It's nice to see those people get a little help from community though.


Anonymous said...

Yea, those Extreme shows are great. I love to see the person AND home reveals. What they can do to homes/people is amazing! And they can get the house renovated in like a week! Ugh, my renovations seem to go on FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

They've come here twice and both times, the people ended up not that much 'better off' than where they were before...yes, they got a GREAT house, but also a GREAT tax bill...and no means to pay it :(

It is truly amazing what can happen though isn't it? It always makes be cry.

There's a new show coming out byt he same folks...about Medical Miracles...sure to be a tear jerker as well...better get the kleenix ready! ;)